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This is us: Eva J and James E Scoville

Together we are JES


Her love for painting developed at an early age, when she started drawing portraits of her family. Since then, she has continued to grow and foster as a surreal painter as well as a realistic painter for human and pet portraits.

In her abstract paintings, Eva works out her thoughts and feelings, painted over and etched out in acrylic, mixed media and oils. 

An artist from Cologne, Germany, Eva appears to absorb an amalgamation of nature and contemporary art to build her painterly encyclopedia.  

Her exhibitions have been housed in institutions in different cities, including Bonn and Cologne (Germany), as well as Tucson and Las Vegas. Her art has been cited and collected in Berlin, Bonn, Bottrop, Frankfurt and Hamburg (Germany), and Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas.

James' use of vibrant colors and mixed mediums result in artwork that is rich in energy, and that celebrates the sensory integration of sight and mental perception. Watching his wife painting he got inspired to pick up a brush himself. He is passionate about getting better and more impressionistic in his style as he grows. 

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